The baby registry: How-tos & must-haves

Tips for your baby registry

For me, making a baby registry was kind of stressful. Don’t get me wrong—it was fun thinking about all the wonderful gifts loved ones would shower me with, but I quickly became bogged down with the overwhelming abundance of choices. And I had no idea where to start.

Good news: It doesn’t have to be like that for you! Here is the best advice I can give you as well as some must-haves for your baby registry. And remember: If you don’t get something crucial off of your registry, or if you forgot something, you can always buy it later!

Research other moms’ lists

I quickly discovered that other moms have already done the work for me—and the same goes for you! The number one, most helpful tool when I was researching what to register for? Pinterest. One night when I was ready to tackle the assignment, I went on Pinterest and typed “baby registry” into the search field, and a billion curated lists popped up. I decided to take five of those baby registry lists, print them out and cross-reference the suggestions. They were each a slight variation of one another, so within a night or two, I was able to come up with a very solid list of needs and wants for my little guy. I showed my list to two of my friends with toddlers, and they confirmed my choices were good ones.

You don’t need it all

You may think you need everything in the baby department, but honestly, you don’t. I found that I didn’t use half the newborn clothing I had, because my little guy grew so fast. I didn’t need a portable bottle warmer, because he didn’t mind his formula cold. Once you get to know your little one, you will learn their likes and dislikes. At that point, you can get some specific baby products to suit them (and you!).

Don’t stress

Don’t overthink your baby registry. Rely on pre-made lists, customer reviews and what you like the look of. It’s not worth stressing over. It’s a fun process, so enjoy it and let people shower you!

Go-to items for new moms

  • Swing. AMAZING! I did not register for one, and I wish I had. I ended up buying this one later.
  • Baby PJs with zippers. Trust me when I say this: Buttons are a nightmare! A crying baby in the middle of the night is stressful enough.
  • Muslin swaddlers. A few good wraps are essential for keeping your little one cozy and snug while they sleep.
  • Bathtub. This one is easy to use, flattens and hangs on a door for easy storage.
  • Soothie pacifiers. These are great for newborns and definitely helped relax my son. I have about 75 of these because I’m always losing them!
  • Play mat. This safe spot for putting your little one down is great for their development and gives mom a bit of a break!

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3 essential tips for traveling with kids


Traveling with children can be a scary thought. But trust me when I say this: It can be done, and your family will benefit from it. My family has traveled all over the world, and the six of us are headed to Costa Rica this summer. Traveling opens up your children’s eyes to new cultures, new foods and different languages. It gives them a sense of adventure while building curiosity. Your family will bond even more as you navigate through new places, deal with the unexpected and have some fun without the comforts of home.

Here are three tips to help you prepare and pack for traveling with kids.

1. Stay at a place with laundry machines or services. Washing machines are a huge help for two reasons. First, you can pack fewer clothes. (Five outfits per kid/per week is a good rule of thumb.) Second, you can do a load before you leave, so you return home with clean clothes, and don’t have to face that ugly chore after your wonderful vacation.

2. Bring only what you need. I have a tendency to bring EVERYTHING I could possibly need…and more! If you are traveling with a baby, most places sell formula, diapers and wipes. Unless you have a baby with specific needs when it comes to these, bring just enough for the first couple of days, and buy the rest of your supplies when you get there. You can find sunscreen, bug spray, shampoo and other toiletries just about anywhere!

3. Pack an awesome travel first aid kit. I have a mesh zip pouch that is stocked with everything I might need should a small emergency arise. It is the envy of my mommy friends, and they’ve even asked me if I could make them one for the next time they travel with children. Here is a list of what’s in my first aid kit for kids:

This first aid kit for kids goes with me everywhere and has saved the day on multiple occasions.

A little bit of preparation will go a long way in a successful family vacation. And don’t forget to pack your sense of adventure when traveling with kids — it’ll come in handy when things don’t go exactly as planned. Happy travels!

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