Welcome to Walmart’s Parent and Baby blog


Hi friends!

I want to be the first to welcome you to our new Parent and Baby Blog, a younger sibling to the Every Little Step Parent and Baby Center. We are proud to have the expert moms and dads here at Walmart.com coming together to share our parenting experiences and offering what we hope will be helpful tips on everything from the challenges of diapering a toddler, re-purposing your wardrobe as maternity wear, to feeding twin boys. (And most everything in between.)

Our mom and dad bloggers cover the full spectrum of parenting, from a mom of three to a soon-to-be first time dad. We think this is an amazing opportunity to share our stories with you, and for all of you to share with us, too.

We hope you enjoy our little blog about all things baby – check back in with us every week to hear from another mom or dad who just may have had the same questions and challenges raising little ones as you.

Thank you for stopping by.